Colts vs Jaguars

Colts vs. Jaguars week 13: Game predictions. The Colts play the Jaguars on Sunday, and this game could be tricky. Can the Colts avoid the trap of falling to Jacksonville?

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The Colts have won five straight games and the Jags have lost seven straight. Based on that fact, you would think the Colts would have no problem winning this game on Sunday. But it is a game that they could falter in if they are not careful.

Colts vs Jaguars Live

Next week, they play Houston. They could be looking ahead to that game because of how bad this Jaguars team is. But if they do that, they won’t win this game. They have to keep all of their focus on Sunday because this game matters as much as the Houston one does.

Just looking at the Jags, I don’t see any way that they can move the ball with any sort of consistency. They don’t have their best player available and they are starting a backup quarterback. Also the Colts defense has played well in spots.

Expect the Colts offense to move the ball very well though. They haven’t been stopped in the last couple of months. With Andrew Luck playing the way he is right now, the offense should be able to put but big numbers and quite a few points.

The offense shouldn’t be a problem for the Colts. They should put up points without too much issue. Even though the Jags don’t have much offensive firepower, they still always seem to play the Colts tough even when they aren’t supposed to.

The game won’t be that close, but ten points is still pretty good for Jacksonville if they can keep it to that margin. As long as the Colts can keep their focus, they should walk out of Jacksonville with a win.

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