Alabama vs Georgia

Alabama vs Georgia 2018 (live score results below) heats up the SEC Championship game today. So which team will be the winner of the SEC Championship 2018?

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Alabama vs Georgia 2018 (start time 1 pm PST) features Alabama with a 12-0 record taking on #4 Georgia which is 11-1. Both teams gave top praise to one another this week. “Georgia is one of the most complete teams in the country,” Alabama coach Nick Saban said. “They haven’t really like dramatically changed. I think they’ve made a lot of improvement. I think their efficiency on offense has been very good all year long. Defensively, their scheme has not changed a lot, but some of their players have. They still have really, really good players and they play well together. They’re well coached. Nothing easy against them.”

Georgia coach Kirby Smart also compared the two programs. “Quarterback play and third down conversions and protecting the ball and not turning the ball over a lot. Those are similarities,” Smart said. “Both got good set of backs, good set of receivers. Both teams are scoring points. The biggest difference is they play better defense, obviously, than we have.”

Meantime all eyes were on Alabama quarterbacks Tagovailoa this week. He is also dominating Heisman predictions on LALATE this week as well. “He’s got an elite arm talent,” Smart said about Tagovailoa. “He’s really fast. He’s got really good wide receivers around him. He’s got powerful backs, and he’s got a talented tight end and a great offensive line, and he knows where to go with the ball. He’s got great vision downfield. He’s got the ability to look off safeties. He can throw the touch pass. He can throw bullets. He’s really good at the RPO game. And then on top of all that, he can run. So he’s a lot to take in.”

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